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Thursday, October 29th 2020, 2:58pm

Startup/Boot problems with Casablanca-3 / DVC

Common boot errors and tips to eliminate them: (If there is no video output, please read this topic on screen emergency switching first :!: Perhaps the picture only comes out at the wrong output)
  1. If the device does not beep, a USB device could block the start. Here, via VGA or HDMI error 51 would be displayed. Unplugging the USB device, the system should beep and after 1-2 minutes the system should have started.
  2. If there is no beep and no picture via VGA / HDMI, the power supply unit could be offended.
    • S-4000, EP MAX HD, Enterprise: Please check this "Battery" topic to rule out this phenomenon.
    • S-2000/4100 / DVC-1000/2000 / Personal Edition: Switch off at the rear, remove the power plug, wait 3 hours, plug in the power, switch on the rear. No beep indicates a defective power supply, which would have to be replaced in the service center (if the power supply is defective, the LED visible from above inside the device may flicker ).
    • SL-1000 / S-3000 / S-6000 / Topaz / Karat: If the LED on the power supply unit flashes, disconnect the power supply unit from the wall power outlet and disconnect the power supply unit from the device. Then first connect the power supply to the wall socket. If the LED continues to flash, the power supply unit is defective. If the LED lights up constantly, the power supply can be connected to the Casablanca (power remains connected!). The system should now start.
  3. If the system beeps 3x briefly after switching on , the main memory (RAM) is not correctly recognized. Then the nearest MacroMotion dealer with service should take a look inside the device and clean the RAM contacts. In a bad case, the RAM has to be replaced, in the worst case the fault is on the motherboard and the device has to be sent to the service center.
  4. If it beeps normally and still does not come up, it is worth taking a look at the display. If the MACRO [] SYSTEM logo goes away and "MacroSystem" comes up, the emergency screen switching will probably help .
  5. If MACRO [] SYSTEM remains in the display, the hard disk could have an error. If this has failed completely, an error message "Boot drive error, check drive and cable" (or something like that) is output via VGA / HDMI. This would have to be fixed in the service center or your dealer.
  6. If the system runs that far, you can use the DVD / BD emergency opening and try an update with the last available Bogart DVD.
  7. If an update works and the device still does not boot, the hard drive or just the projects have a problem. Then the drive should be checked with these tips or by a dealer with service or the service center. A hard drive replacement may be necessary. If there are no important projects on the hard drive, you can start again with the Bogart DVD inserted and try a new installation instead of an update.
  8. If the system is running after a new installation , it may have been a pure project problem and you can continue working with the last data backup. However, there could still be a hard drive error that you just don't see again after deleting. In such cases, I still recommend testing the hard drive. It would be a shame if you start over with a project and then any disk errors damage the project.
  9. If the system has the serial number 0000000-0 ,
    • a connected FireWire device interferes with the generation of the serial number. Disconnecting all FireWire cables and restarting the system should help in this case
    • interfere with a switchable socket . If the system is not switched on via the main switch, but starts automatically after the power "comes back", the SN generation can fail. Turning the power off / on should fix the problem.
With most Casablanca 3 models it should be possible to isolate and fix any starting problems. Of course, all other electronic components can also fail and cause errors. If these tips do not help, only the service center can determine and rectify the exact cause of the fault.

Note: My help in the forum is also supported by advertising, which is visible at this point for all forum members. Thank you for your understanding!
Signature from »Michael Huebmer« Wie bei allen EDV Systemen, sollte auch bei Casablanca oder DVC Modellen eine regelmäßige Datensicherung erfolgen :!: Auch wenn Festplatten gegenüber optischen Medien die einfachste und preiswerteste Sicherung darstellen: Es ist nie fraglich ob eine Festplatte mal ausfällt - sondern wann :!: (siehe Google Studie ). So hart es klingen mag: ungesicherte Daten sind unwichtige Daten :!: Bei Festplatten Struktur-Fehlern hilft eine Neuinstallation, bei Hardware-Defekten nur noch teure Datenrettungs-Dienstleister . :S